Жилет-девочкеидея для всех..


Baby girl jacket: top down raglan with faux eyelet cables and flared back

Knitted Baby Sling Hoodie --

mycupcake's Hooded Coat Extension Panel (for Babywearing)

Knitted Bliss: Modification Monday: Hooded Coat Extension Panel - I should be able to make a longer version with flees or something else warm. As I can't knit this well yet, I'll have to improvise how to sew this.

Petite Popover - the purl bee *Free Pattern.

Lauras Loop: Petite Popover - The Purl Bee - Knitting Crochet Sewing Embroidery Crafts Patterns and Ideas!

Top sin mangas DROPS tejido de lado a lado en punto musgo y patrón de calados en “Baby Merino”. ~ DROPS Design

Nova & DROPS Baby - DROPS sleeveless top knitted from side to side in garter st and lace pattern in ”Baby Merino”. - Free pattern by DROPS Design

f2ff4d26d3750920881abb6076bbbef4.jpg 236×176 pixels

f2ff4d26d3750920881abb6076bbbef4.jpg 236×176 pixels

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de1d2be80e883e210a4ec60b5353c51f.jpg 600×803 pixels