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Stripy Lace Crochet Tutorial

Crochet Lace Tape Tutorial - I like this kind of leafy motif. Would look awesome sewn across a boho pillow in a contrasting color.

Make a wall of paper hearts. Template for download included.

This one is rather easier to make but simply beautiful. Cut out different sizes of hearts and glue it partly in the middle so it would pop. Then simply place it strategically on your wall depending on what design you want.

Yatmadan Önce 15 Dakika Bunu Yapmak, Bir Gecede Cilt Rengini Değiştirebilir!

Summer season can be very rough time for our skin, during this time skin becomes dull and dry and need some extra attention. Today I will tell you a 2 step treatment that can make your skin radiant…



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