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a large bed sitting on top of a rug in a bedroom
Mission Collection - Craftsman - Bedroom - New York - by Stickley Furniture | Houzz
Stickley Mission Bedroom
a wooden bed frame with white sheets and pillows on it, against a white background
Stickley Furniture
Stickley Spindle Platform Bed, Queen
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a fire place
The Arts & Crafts Interior
Walls in a period green complement antique Stickley furniture. Photo: Ed Addeo
a bedroom with two beds and paintings on the wall
From the Mind of Gustav Stickley
Appliqué “Puss in Boots” panels covering the walls of the children’s room.
a living room with a fireplace, chair and table in front of the fire place
Arts & Crafts Collectibles
On top of the bedroom’s mantel, Fulper glass and Teco pottery ca. 1900–1920 are the room’s decoration.
a living room filled with furniture next to two windows and a baby's crib
Ragdale: Enduring Cottage on the Prairie
Painted pine floors with natural sisal mats were standard in Ragdale’s bedrooms. The door leads to a sleeping porch, one of several appended to second-storey bedrooms.
a bedroom with a metal bed frame and colorful bedspread on top of it
Drawn to a Rescue
The master bedroom was added in 1978, but the current owners removed the ceiling to add height.
a large bed sitting in a bedroom next to a wooden dresser and lamp on top of a hard wood floor
Hideaway Haven
Further dividing dressing and sleeping areas is a large fir beam supported on debarked tree trunks, echoing the stair detail in the house.
a bedroom with wood paneled walls and flooring has a bed, dressers, lamps, and television in it
Hideaway Haven
The bed is backed by a floating dresser, designed by Heide’s studio, an interpretation of early 20th-century tramp art featuring chipped wood details and carving.
a room with a couch, window seat and rug on the floor in front of it
Hideaway Haven
Doors in the dressing area open to two walk-in closets; the cozy window bench is a practical addition at one end.
a bed sitting inside of a wooden room next to a doorway with a painting on the wall
The Cabin at Point Reyes
Local building custom was preserved in the rehabilitation of an at-risk 1905 cabin, now a family retreat on the wild coast. When Molly and Seth Rosen…
an open bookcase in the corner of a room with a chair and couch next to it
The Cabin at Point Reyes
Seth Rosen admits he always wanted a secret room, so he hid one under the stairs for his children.
a bedroom with a bed, lamps and pictures on the wall
Ultimate Timber
Reissued Arts & Crafts furniture is the perfect fit for a new Arts & Crafts house.
a bed sitting in a bedroom next to a wooden dresser and chair with a painting on the wall
Reader Home: Living Lightly in a Granite Foursquare
The guest room is furnished with Tennessee-made items, made in the 1920s and purchased at auction by the owner’s mother in the 1950s.