Using old cookie tins to make divided button/craft/sewing sorters. I could see spray painting the tins and edging the foamcore with washi tape for extra flair.

Sewing machine pin cushion.  This is definitely a "why didn't I think of that?" pin.  And it will eliminate all the straight pins that end up laying beside my sewing machine!!

Pin cushion attached to machine.The Gilded Hare: diy sewing machine pin cushion tutorial.

Yoğurtlu Havuçlu Patates Topları Tarifi

Turkish potato carrot balls with yogurt-Yoğurtlu Havuçlu Patates Topları Tarifi

Great way to organize. #recycle #jeans

These 12 denim DIY home decor ideas for up cycling jeans. these make me want to re-do my whole world (forever) in blue jeans! Idea - Stitch, hot-glue, or stitch-witch jean pockets to a rectangular piece of denim and hang it from a dowel over your desk.

What a cool idea! large area rug DIY for under $30 from carpet samples and rug tape.

What a cool idea! large area rug DIY f\from carpet samples and carpet tape; add some piping to the edges to prevent fraying, some caulk lines or shelf liners to the bottom to prevent slippage.

just diy and crafts.

Old Glass Case Turned into Sewing Kit, dead link, but the idea is great. Could be a little first aid kit too.

Stuffed Sewing Machine

Sew Happy Sewing Machine Softie Toy Sewing Pattern

Stuffed Sewing Machine Toy makes a great gift for a child or a fun addition to your sewing room. Finished size is x Skill Level - Intermediate

Kına Gecesi Malzmeleri,kina-gecesi-malzemeleri.htm

Kına Gecesi Malzmeleri,kina-gecesi-malzemeleri.htm

Kokulu Taş Modelleri

Kokulu Taş Modelleri

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