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Snowman Ball Sort

Imparare i colori con un gigantesco pupazzo di neve - Snowman Ball Sort: The perfect way to keep toddlers busy in the winter while encouraging color recognition!

Suck up as many M&Ms with a straw as you can in 60 seconds.   Blue Zone: Party games to rock your partaaay!

Party Games (m-n-m's OR skittles) straws and cups) take the straws and breathe/suck in and see you wins for most Simple easy and cheap go to dollars store for all items

Bubble Wrap Print - Cherry Blossom Tree {w/Free Printable}

Bubble Wrap Print - Cherry Blossom Tree {w/Free Printable}

Bubble Wrap Print - Cherry Blossom Tree {w/Free Printable} I love Cherry blossom trees and this Bubble Wrap Print is such a cute craft idea! Trying it with my preschoolers ♥ Should you have a passion for arts and crafts you'll will really like our info!

torre nombres.se podria utilizar tubos de pegamento vacios de los grandes para lo mismo

Tower of numbers: Each roll of toilet paper has a number on it. These toilet paper rolls will need to be placed in the correct order to create a tower. (Place a circle piece of paper between the rolls to make it easier to balance.

Kitchen roll art

Happy Hooligans - Olympic Art for kids: we took a thrift shop painting, and upcycled it into a custom piece of art for our play room. (easy crafts for kids preschool)

Bir tarafı aynı diğer tarafı farklı desenler istediğiniz şekillerde keserek dondurma çubuklarına yapıştırın. Daha sonra öğrencilerden dizdiğiniz çubukları açmalarını ve eşleştirmelerini isteyebilirsiniz.

DIY Popsicle Memory Game This one works for me on so many levels. a DIY Popsicle Memory Game which LOOKS good enough to eat! I have very fond recollections as a child sitting down an and playing adhoc memory games…

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An easy paper plate owl craft for fall crafts or to go with a study on nocturnal animals

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Pompom Tong Transfer: Use tongs (chopsticks or a clothespin) to place each pompom into a circle that is the same color as the pompom / The Princess and the Tot: Tot Trays