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In terms of hygiene problems it is a known fact that the womens private part is more delicate and needs more care than men. There are times that women tend to hide their issues towards their hygiene because they are uncomfortable speaking about it towards others. When puberty hits women especially on teenage years are experiencing vaginal odors. 90% of women have this issue. Image Credit: WikiHow But did you know that there are effective remedies that could remove your vaginal odors? 1…


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Tüm Kadınların 8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Günü Kutlu Olsun! Temel Kadın Hakları #infografik #kadin

Man and woman hygiene icons vector. Human Icons. $5.00

Destination: Play Guide Book Icons by Ella Zheng, via Behance:

Michel Canetti – Angence Marie Bastille

Christian Dior illustration by René Gruau, 1958.