Red Velvet Poke Cake...You could totally do this with different cake & stuff

Red Velvet Poke Cake--Very tasty and cheap to make. I used Duncan Hines Red Velvet Cake Mix, Jello Cream Cheese pudding, and Cool Whip, and it was still only a few bucks to make. The cake has to cool/set in the fridge for about 2 hours.

una manera facil de hacer cojines con forma de corazon

diy shabby hearts, decor or pin cushion

Love Me Doodle...Is doodling good for our brains? (Speaking for myself, doodling can be very meditative and therapeutic, and it helps with concentration and memory. It enables me to enter into an alpha state; I use it for healing and a sense of serenity, when I am stressed, especially when I have kinetic energy that needs an outlet. --Georganna Louise)

Love Me Doodle... Is doodling good for our brains?

that's such a cool doodle idea! {journaled this, and they're fun to doodle everywhere}

DIY shorts (free pattern, small/med size). 2 piece pattern. Zipper, no pockets.

DIY Summer shorts (free pattern) diy crafts home made easy crafts craft idea…

bolero wrap m

Wonderful DIY Bolero Wrap

Wonderful DIY Bolero Wrap tutorial with pictures.

Pincushion ring

DIY Bottle cap - ring/finger pin cushion - Anillo alfiletero – Singer México Smart way


Add gorgeous, eye-catching texture to solid fabrics with this honeycomb smocking tutorial!


High end is the best end (26 photos)

Backless wedding dresses run the gamut from lower backed strapless wedding gowns to those that are very dramatic, and very sexy. While some brides choose sexy sweetheart or tube wedding dresses, there are also.

11 DIY Makeovers That You Need To Attempt | Pinkous

Simple upcycle dress (I wouldn't have ruffles thou :/ )

Breakfast will never be the same, ever

Post with 66 votes and 0 views. Yes, I'll have the Egg Fusion, please.

Other hairstyle tutorials on

Best Hairstyles Ideas : Twisted Bun Hair Tutorial offers a few simple steps to make your dream hair styl


Briar Sewalong: Neckline Binding

megan nielsen design diary: How to sew a knit neckline binding // the Megan Nielsen method

这么多的裙子模型图纸 - maomao - 我随心动

Patterns - sewing beginners - pattern making! So many skirts model drawings - maomao - I move your feet

Fendi Frill tutorial from

DIY Fashion sewing pattern and tutorial design about how to make an easy steampunk , victorian , gothic fancy dress vintage style ruffle cravat to clip to any existing blouse or jacket grimm and fairy make

Fashionable DIY Ideas | Accessories and More

Fashionable DIY Idea different fabric bows

Project: DIY draped vest

Jessamity: Project: DIY draped vest: I have some of these scarves that would make nice vests (as in a different pin, I like the belted scarf idea. Not really my colors though)