Serbülent Savcıoğlu

Serbülent Savcıoğlu

Serbülent Savcıoğlu
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DIY: Beach Inspired Candle Decor- wish i had a party to decorate for... these are adorable

- large wine glasses - tea light inserts - tea lights - sand - seashells First fill the glass about full with sand. Arrange the seashells onto the sand as you please. Place the tea light in the insert and then hang on to the glass rim.

Banana and pineapple green "smoothie."   This was one of those smoothies that loved to separate.  If your smoothie does not create a "tornado" in the blender (while turned on) then add more liquid (water or apple juice) until it does.

Banana Pineapple Green Drink recipe featured on DesktopCookbook. Ingredients for this Banana Pineapple Green Drink recipe include 1 cup frozen banana, 1 cup frozen pineapple, 2 cups spinach, and 1 cup water. Create your own online recipe box.

I can not stop laughing.

“Dogs wearing pantyhose” is a popular new meme in China. Hong Kong site Sharp Daily has reported that users on the Chinese social network Weibo “are uploading gag photos of their dogs wearing panty hose, joking how “sexy&rd.

This is a chimera cat, who is it's own fraternal twin. (When two fertilized eggs fuse together)....sooo cool

Venus the Amazing Chimera Cat. This is a chimera cat, who is it's own fraternal twin. (When two fertilized eggs fuse together).

Meanwhile in sweeden ! :D

Funny pet picture and cats dancing photo. Humorous felines on the dance floor on their hind legs in this hilarious kitty pic and animal comedy image.

The perfect smokey eye

The perfect smokey eye. Almost couldn't hit the pin it key I was laughing so hard! It's just to bad that the cat looks sexier than an actual person