Lacy Cross Granny Square

Ok, it’s no longer Sunday, in fact it’s Tuesday ~ ooops! Please meet Lacy Cross, number 8 in the Miscellaneous Granny Square Collection. This was one of the trial granny squares for my …

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Ravelry: Pineapple Granny 12” Pillow-ghan Square by Priscilla Hewitt

Pineapple Granny Pillow-ghan Square, free pattern by Priscilla Hewitt. Maybe I'll make a blanket using the squares. Would be a quick blanket with squares!

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Ravelry: Victorian Lattice Square by Destany Wymore

I would love to make a scrap afghan out of the pretty squares! Ravelry: Victorian Lattice Square - free pattern by Destany Wymore, ~free crochet patterns~

My fave Turkish socks#patik

Crochet Designs Free: Charming slipper in crochet with standard.

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SANDRA CROCHE: Toalhinha de Croche listed as dishcloth but I would use it as a doily m Deb Cullum crochet