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Gallery - Amanda Levete's MPavilion Opens in Melbourne - 5
The third and final phase of New York City's High Line opened to the public in September 2014. Click image for link to full profile and visit the boards >>
Matarozzi Pelsinger Design + Build designed a space for sitting, eating, and playing, replacing three parking spaces on a street in San Francisco, California.
Urban benches with multiple functions - El Poeta by BD Barcelona. Seat facing one way, turn around and it becomes a desk or table.
Juampi Sammartino, Argentina #Bench: the ‘cisca: urban seat’, made from concrete and plates of wood, it can be used in a series or on its own. the design incorporates a section for pot plants and can be used in both commercial and residential environments.
Birgitta Weimer, Body & Soul in Harmony (Hamburg, 2013). Click image for link to full profile and visit the boards >>
Section Cut | Make an Exploded Axon Mapping
the application of beautiful design and practical need; Round-b | LAB23 - Street Furniture
Dutch landscape design outfit, Carve, have created some stunning playgrounds. Melis Stoke Park in The Hague was designed for children with disabilities, yet is challenging for all children. It has a wooden climbing wall with hundreds of round climbing holds and an ‘inner’ play area with a rope swing, sandpit and more. It’s a nice example of fantastic design at a small scale.