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Don't get lost in nature. Get lost in nature and you will find yourself, cross that out, you will quite possibly die. Camping and hiking GPS, compass

Guy Catling

black and white photos with fabric-like overlays by Guy Catling. (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media ) (What if the helmets reflected the personalities of the soldiers)

magic cloud

Spanish: una tormenta en un vaso de agua (a storm in a glass of water).- French: une tempete dans un verre d'eau.- English (american): a tempest in a teapot.- English (british): a storm in a teacup. Where did the photographer come from?

#interior design #entry #hall

Painting for home wall. Wolfensson Store, Vienna, Austria designed by Studio VIE

Embroidered love note on embroidered notebook paper.

"hand embroidered notebook paper and handwriting, but I'm still quite smitten with this sweet, simple embroidered love note"- love the idea of embroidered fabric notepaper


Amanda Patterson on

Fabric Flyer by Tom Darracott

Fabric Flyer by Tom Darracott could be a great halloween mask!