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Colour sorting in paper towel rolls


Tower of numbers: Each roll of toilet paper has a number on it. These toilet paper rolls will need to be placed in the correct order to create a tower. (Place a circle piece of paper between the rolls to make it easier to balance.

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Color sort and counting

Miniğinize çok küçük yaşlardan itibaren sayıları ve saymayı öğretmek isterseniz bu oyun tam size göre. Sayı saymaya ve sayıları öğrenmeye ufak bir başlangıç niteliğinde olan bu oyunu miniğinizin ço…

Love: Toddler Activity Counting with Bowls - Things you'll need: Plastic or Styrofoam bowls Sharpie or Marker Multiple objects that can fit inside the bowls (we used pom poms from Target's dollar section)

Maths time

What number? You can answer all these and more with this colorful counting activity for your little ones.

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Early learning math center (kindergarten) The child will match the number on the clip to the to the number of items in each section.

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Number matching activity for kids - Laughing Kids Learn


Looking for more quiet book ideas? Check out my new book Quiet Book Patterns: 25 easy-to-make activities for your children now on sale.

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Serving Pink Lemonade: Quiet Book-dress up doll with felt