Doesn't this look pretty? I'd love to give it a go :)

Ribbon Embroidery - At a link to the original Russian site. This is just a straight stitch done w/ribbon.

Free hand embroidery snowflake pattern, by Mary Corbet of Needle 'n Thread.

Free Hand Embroidery Pattern: Snowflake!

Arabic Calligraphy Painting. "And He is with you"

This looks like something that Emily may create. She is interested in islamic culture, as stated before. Along with this, the painting shown has a nice touch of modern art mixed with ancient islamic art.

A pattern for goldwork

Mission Rose Embroidery Pattern

Mission Rose Embroidery Project Mary has lots of free surface embroidery patterns and links to other sources, too!


Ve tevekkel alellah, ve kefâ billâhi vekîlâ ♥ Allah’a tevekkül et, O vekil olarak kâfîdir.