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an art work with blue and pink items, including a pool ball, starfish, umbrellas and other things
a collage with flowers and pictures on the wall next to a vase filled with water
collage of various images with words and pictures on them that say maybe in another life?
#pisces #fish #blue #water
the collage is made up of many different things
an old man with a beard and long hair, in front of a pink background
My Virtual Booth at Minneapolis Quilt Market
My Virtual Booth at Minneapolis Quilt Market
an open book with handwritten notes and flowers on it's cover, in which the pages are lined up
William Morris
William Morris
an old photo of a man with a beard next to a wallpapered background
The Revival of William Morris Decorative Arts. — Martine Claessens
William Morris
an image of a blue and black animal in the middle of some mountains with stars
STAR ASTRAY on Behance
an image of various items that are in the shape of a woman's head
Miss 2059 Collage Kit - Rookie
an abstract collage with flowers, plants and people in the background on a pink background
Series of three geometric collage posters