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a bottle of bacardi next to a glass and plate with fruit
Mango Madras Cocktail Recipe | Mango Alcoholic Drinks | BACARDÍ US
Homemade Mangonada
Ingredients • 16 oz Frozen Mango • ¾ cup Ice • 1 cup Mango Nectar Juice • 1 Lime juiced • Chamoy • Tajin Seasoning • 4 Tamarindo Candy Straws • Extra Mango for garnishing cubed • 1-2 tbs sugar if mango is not sweet enough, you can add sugar to taste Instructions • Combine frozen mango, ice, the juice of 1 lime and mango nectar in a blender, then blend until smooth. • On two small plates or bowls, add the chili lime seasoning to one and chamoy to the other. • Prepare cups by dipping the rim in the chamoy, then dipping in the tajin seasoning. • Add a table spoon or so of chamoy and chopped mangos to the bottom of the cup and give the chamoy a swirl around the cup. • Fill the cups with the mangonada mixture and garnish with a tamarindo candy straw, additional cubed mango and
Mangonadas - @mariahortiz20
Smirnoff Tamarind x Jarritos Tamarind
strawberry Paloma
Try this is fire 🔥
Would you try these Mexican Candy Vodka Shots? Easy Recipe for Cocktail Shots🔥🍑
10min · 4 servings Mexican Candy Shots🍑🔥🥵 • 2 1/2 oz Smirnoff Spicy Tamarind Vodka • 2 oz Watermelon Pucker • Juice of Lime • Tbsp Blue Agave Nectar • Tajin • 3 Tajin peach rings
a bottle of alcohol next to a glass filled with orange juice and lemon wedges
Mexico's Party Scene Tastes A Lot Like Spicy Tamarind Vodka
Mangonada Margarita
10min · 2 servings It’s National Ice Cream Month and I am excited to be partnering with @lamichocanaytu to celebrate all things ice cream!! https://dorastable.com/mangonada-margarita/