Asude Sökmen
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The Evil Within, Character Art, Joseph Oda, Sebastian Castellanos, Concept Art, Grimm, Fan Art, Devil, Badass, Mad Hatters, The Grimm, Demons, Conceptual Art, Fanart, Pictures, Figure Drawings

tumblr_oyn8ezeTyA1u9rclfo2_1280.jpg (800×1000)

tumblr_oyn8ezeTyA1u9rclfo2_1280.jpg (800×1000)

Costume, Post Apocalypse, Larp, Zombies Survival, Body Armor, Handgun, Airsoft, Fallout, Character Concept, Camo, Zombies, Apocalypse, Helmet, Steampunk Fashion, Soldiers, Armors, Military, Mascaras, Survival, Outfit, End Time, Female Warriors, Fancy Dress, Skirt Suit, Creature Concept, Gun, Hand Guns, Bulletproof Vest

Yeah I snipe! I'm very good at hiding within shadows and blasting your skull back.

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