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#depression #selfharm  A bandage.When you cut too deep, you need a bandage. It will stop the bleeding.But a bandage is a temporary treatment and you don’t need it.You need something that will last forever. A bandage can stop the bleeding but it won’t stop all those thoughts. It won’t stop your suffering. It will heal your cuts but won’t heal you.I don’t need a bandage. My blood can keep pouring, I know I’ll be recovered only when I don’t have another reason to cut ever again.

Self harm can be anywhere not just on the wrists and arms. Hiding it from people feels like the only thing to do, you don’t want anyone to see what you do to yourself and it.

picture marks 365 days without cutting or self harm...look at her arms...i cried when i saw it and don't you dare any of you ever say its for attention, or i will come after you

picture marks 365 days without cutting or self harm.look at her arms.I just want to hug her!This is really really sad, and i really want to hurt the people that made this beautiful girl want to do this


This is sad. This is horrible. This is disgusting. Self-harm is serious and should be taken seriously, cutting somehow eases the pain for people, it blocks things out, its relief. It makes everything worse though, its an addiction.