Oturma odası için çok şık koltuklar.

colour in sofa Renovation Ruminations: The Living Room - Florence Finds. I like the pop of colour in the sofa, echoed in the cushion and art.

I know you guys have figured out that I love color. Let these colorful, beautiful rooms brighten your day!

Looks to Love: Bold Colors

Today I'm exploring the colorful world of Boho Chic interiors. (Boho for 'Bohemian:' a person who has unconventional social habits, esp.

Bir Tutam Çeyiz: Dantel Supla - Erica

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There's no denying that colorful spaces like this vivid living room are super fun to admire.

13 Gorgeous "One Room Challenge" Makeovers From Past Seasons

Our gorgeous canary yellow linen drapery is show-stopping in this color-infused room. Create a strong, yet modern color palette by mixing a slight variation of primary colors opting for fuchsia, electric purple, cobalt blue, and canary yellow.