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The Delicate Gourd Carving Art of Marilyn Sunderland - Born and raised in Columbia, Missouri, Marilyn Sunderland is an artist in the finest sense of the word. She can take a common gourd and turn it into a spectacular work of art by carving …

Divine Feminine - Artemis of Ephesus.    "Diana (Artemis) of Ephesus as a specialized form of Diana from late antiquity that includes aspects of Ishtar, Isis, Cybele and Inanna.  She is a comprehensive figure of the divine feminine, and was called "Queen of Heaven", "Magna Mater" (Great Mother), Mother of the Animals, and Lady of the Wild Beasts. The many pomegranate-like breasts  show her also as an image of Mother Nature herself, fruitful and providing for all living things.

Artemis statue in Selcuk Museum, Ephesus, Turkey. Her temple at Ephesus in Lydia was one of the Seven Wonders of the ancient world, with a colossal statue of the goddess some 40 feet high

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The Regalia of Artemis Ephesia

This essay looks at the clothing of Artemis of Ephesus, and at what her items of clothing symbolise. A short history of the goddess is also included.