steel magnolias -- we can make shirts that say "i hit ouiser." @Brandon Cakes

Steel Magnolias - 1989 ✯Julia Roberts, Sally Fields, Shirley McLaine, Darrl Hannah, Dolly Parton and Olympia Dukakis

a very, very good movie

I Am Sam (2001)

Directed by Jessie Nelson. With Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dakota Fanning, Dianne Wiest. A mentally retarded man fights for custody of his daughter, and in the process teaches his cold-hearted lawyer the value of love and family.

"Gone With the Wind" Filmed and presented on a scale not seen in modern productions, Gone with the Wind is, if not the definitive Hollywood film, then certainly near the top of the list.

Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind, 1939 starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh. Always got to think of my grandpa, this was his favorite movie.

Can't wait to fucking watch carol. Wating for 2 months now.Somebody needs to leak this already!

Carol Todd Haynes) Therese Belivet (Rooney Mara) spots the beautiful, elegant Carol (Cate Blanchett) perusing the doll displays in a Manhattan department store.

The Big Lebowski__Spaceballs style poster

The Big Lebowski "The Dude" Lebowski, mistaken for a millionaire Lebowski, seeks restitution for his ruined rug and enlists his bowling buddies to help get it.-Watch Free Latest Movies Online on

Directed by Stephen Frears. With Rebecca Ferguson, Meryl Streep, Simon Helberg, Hugh Grant. The story of Florence Foster Jenkins, a New York heiress who dreamed of becoming an opera singer, despite having a terrible singing voice.

Florence Foster Jenkins (2016)

Uni-versal Extras was the sole extras agency for Florence Foster Jenkins featuring an all-star cast. The film was shot in multiple locations across the UK including Liverpool, London, Glasgow and Twickenham Film Studios.

A Fish Called Wanda 27x40 Movie Poster (1988)

A Fish Called Wanda 27x40 Movie Poster (1988)

THE DANISH GIRL movie poster

The Danish Girl trailers and videos. Watch the latest The Danish Girl video clips, interviews and behind the scenes specials.