Piedras pintadas a mano. Stones.

Simple dot painted leaves on a tree. I love the fact that it avoids the traditional colors of brown and green!

Benim minnak evlerime hergün bir çeşit daha ekleniyor. Çok sevimliler değil mi?

No bake cookie treats were incredibly popular on Rock Recipes last Holiday season and none more so than this nostalgic recipe.


A PLACE for PURPLE Passion - hand painted rock art (MyGardenRocks on Etsy. Sold, but has many more cute painted rocks)

Çakıl Taşları İle Saksı Süsleme

Çakıl Taşları İle Saksı Süsleme

This Diy Rock Covered Bucket is a super easy DIY you'll love to try. Be sure to check out all the great ideas now.