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an aerial view of a city with lots of water
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Finnoo urban design - general plan
a large poster with some diagrams on it
"Proje, Cami Mimarlığının Türkiye’de Ulaştığı Katılaşmış Biçimci Tutumla Baş Etmeye Çalışıyor" - Arkitera
Eşdeğer Mansiyon, Konyaaltı Sahili Mimari ve Kıyı Düzenlemesi Fikir Projesi Yarışması
an aerial view of a marina with boats docked in the water and grass on the ground
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AECOM - Design + Planning - Stories - Winning Waterfront
an aerial view of a lake with boats in the water and green grass on both sides
Galeria de Hornsbergs Strandpark / Nyréns Arkitektkontor - 5
Hornsbergs Strandpark / Nyréns Arkitektkontor
an aerial view of a large field in the middle of a body of water with a city skyline in the background
Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park by Thomas Balsley Associates Associates and Weiss/Manfredi
an artist's rendering of the city of abura in the middle of the ocean
Fotos de Saadiyat Distrito Cultural - Imágenes
Museos Abu Dabi
an artist's rendering of a circular wooden structure in the water with people walking around it
Baltic Sea Art Park Crosses the Boundary Between Land and Water. · Landscape Architects Network
Baltic Sea Art Park Crosses the Boundary Between Land and Water.
an outdoor seating area next to the water with benches and trees on each side in front of it
Pearl River Beer Factory Landscape
some people are sitting on the dock by the water
Floating structure by White Arkitekter offers harbour swimming
Hasle Harbour Bath by White Arkitetker
an aerial view of people walking and riding bikes on the boardwalk next to a body of water
Commission de la capitale nationale du Québec
Le pavillon d'accueil au quai des Cageux - © CCNQ, Jonathan Robert
a boat dock with steps leading into the water
Gallery of The Floating Kayak Club / FORCE4 Architects - 8
Gallery - The Floating Kayak Club / FORCE4 Architects - 8
wooden benches sitting on the shore of a lake with mountains in the backgroud
The Bands par SCS et l'école de design et d'architecture d'Oslo - Journal du Design
The Bands par SCS et l’école de design et d’architecture d’Oslo