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Zodiac Cancer Constellation and Traits Art Print

Cancer ✨delovely✨ Stirs my Ooo so sensitive soul. I have my Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury in Cancer and if that's not enough --a Pisces mid-heaven... With this much water, I shoulda been a dolphin<3 Blessings of Blessings, I do actually leave my Gemini Rising has made life and learning really fun and I've had lots of education, travel and adventures!!! Biggestttt lesson in life.. surrender or die. really. <3<3<3

Awesome tiger and dragon yin yang tattoo idea

One Line Animal Logos (from top to bottom) elephant, cheetah, ostrich, cobra, lion.

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♡ sugar skull tattoo on chest

To dress like a gypsy and vend at a renaissance festival.

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