I sooo want this.I want to touch you. Not physically, but within your mind. Discover the things you keep locked away. Until we are one where there is no you and I… But we.

Juju suit, from 1912. Meinhof, Carl. Afrikanische Religionen: Hamburgische Vorträge

now that would make one heck of a spooky costume to meet the trick or teaters in at halloween Juju suit, from Meinhof, Carl.

Spiritual women...

The female being has been chosen by the creator to be the portal between the spiritual realm and this physical realm. The only force on earth powerful enough to navigate unborn spirits onto this planet.

Pleadian Emissaries of Light Guidance through Angel Messenger Jill Harrison

Pleiadian Emissaries of Light Guidance through Angel Messenger Jill Harrison. Oh if only this were possible, but the powers that fun this planet simply will not allow it.

Islam, Cloth

Islam, Cloth

El universo erótico de Apollonia Saintclair - Cultura Colectiva - Cultura Colectiva

El universo erótico de Apollonia Saintclair

"To fear death is no other than to think oneself wise when one is not, to think one knows what one does not know. No one knows whether death may not be the greatest of all blessings for a man, yet men fear it as if they knew that it is the greatest of evils." ~ Socrates via Plato Image: Raymond Douillet  Yoni rahim womb

The Holy Gate. Yoni Door of Eden Vagina Reankarnasyon “Sex wasn’t God’s big mistake. Judging against sex was humanity’s big mistake. Pleasure is as divine as any cathedral, any temple. The Secret Gate to Eden