Christmas Rocks

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a painting of two foxes sleeping next to each other in the grass with flowers on their heads
an image of a fox and squirrel in the snow
a painting of three red foxes in the snow next to a bag with an apple
a cute little fox wearing a santa hat
Premium Vector | Christmas greeting card with cute smiling fox. christmas background illustration.
Artstudio88 | Freepik
a painting of a fox pulling a sled with presents
a painting of a bird sitting next to a campfire with a gnome on it
068 Alessandro Scanziani - Gnome and Fox
a painting of animals around a christmas tree
Advocate-Art | London - Seville - New York
a painting of santa riding on the back of a horse with flowers in its mouth
Katja Saario
two foxes are sitting in the snow drinking coffee and holding mugs with presents on them
two foxes pulling a christmas tree on a sleigh in the snow with another animal