link didn't take me anywhere, but these pics are good enough Palomas blancas de papel


We love these Leaf Animals! A wonderful Autumn craft activity for little ones 😀🍂🍃

diy, tutorial by diyforever

How to Make a Christmas Tree Pop up Card (Robert Sabuda Method). One of the first things that herald in the Christmas season is greeting cards. You can easily make your own pop-up Christmas tree card to send to family members and friends.


Masque pour noel cardstock, cut it out, then attach it to a sentence strip (or stapled strips of paper) around the child's head. You can have a classroom full of Santa's for Christmas!

Are you bored of that simple paint on the wall? Do you want to add something special to the bedroom, even the living? Why don’t you paint some swallows?

Swallows Wall Decor

Painted swallows are perfect for making your home etc. unique and just beautiful :) I love this idea x

Sene sonunda Karnenin yanında "Sınıfın En'leri Ödülü"nü  vermeye ne dersiniz?                Bunun için hazırladığım şablonların çıktıs...

Sene sonunda Karnenin yanında "Sınıfın En'leri Ödülü"nü vermeye ne dersiniz? Bunun için hazırladığım şablonların çıktıs...