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some people are talking to each other in different languages with hearts on them and one person is holding a cell phone
【أغرب الخضار والفواكه ذات أشكال غيرعادية التي تبدو وكأنها شيء آخر 】
an arabic quote written in black ink on a white background
Quotesmema مُقتبساتْ ميما
the goal in marriage isn't to think alike, but to think something together
20 Quotes About Marriage That EVERY Spouse Will Find True – Motivation for Mom
a white card with the words sending virtual hug loading
We are sending virtual hugs! - Autoimmune Encephalitis Alliance
a woman holding a sign that says sending you a socially distance hug
🇺🇸🗽 #46 POTUS Biden VP Harris 🗽🌙✨🌌 on Twitter