Aybars Önal

Aybars Önal

Istanbul / Turkey / Art Director
Aybars Önal
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Week Logotypes - I think the playful type lends to the logo design - I also think the filled counters work well for the playfulness too

On a white ground, the logo of the NeXT corporation. An axonometric image of a black cube, composed of a square and two parallelograms. Imprinted on the top of the cube (in the black square) are four letters of the corportion in orange, yellow, green, and pink, respectively, N E over X T. Beneath the cube, in lower center, in orange: The sign of; in black: the NeXT generation; in green: of computers...; in pink: for Education.

Poster, NEXT, The Sign of the NeXt generation of computers.

LtdLtd » CMC offices in the City

CMC offices in the City. Perfectly fluid graduated graphics, produced on optically clear with anti scratch laminate, were installed to glass panels throughout their offices.


Most restroom signage is highly-visual and thereby innately multi-lingual. This approach by design firm Hyperakt makes the message impossible to…