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40 Awesome Watch Tattoo Designs | Cuded

A pocket watch tattoo is much loved because of its symbolic meaning. It has a very special meaning which associates it with the importance of time. - Part 7


Attacking eagle and rabbit in a leaf tattoo on arm. I love tatts with layers of meaning - things in it you don't even notice until you give it a second look.

City Arm Tattoo

Check Out 25 Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs For Men. Half sleeve tattoo designs for men have reached the top of their popularity in a big way nowadays. There are all over the TV, internet and there are even TV shows covering tattoo stories.

Le monde sur votre poignet. | 57 idées géniales de tatouages pour poignets

World Map tattoo. not sure about the placement but how cool would it be to have a small world map somewhere and just get a dot of color everywhere you travel? I've always wanted to do a map on the wall, why not on my body!

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