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a bedroom with a large mirror and shelves on the wall
Layers of Life: artful Indian modernism and elemental philosophy | studiorachana369
The new direction invited some strenuous design discussions. With a little help from the initial ideations and 3D views, as well as the studio’s previous work in Indian Modernism, they managed to convince the client for a different design angle. Alternatively, these discussions revealed a resounding common ground: inspiring memories rooted in art and nature. The positive response soon transformed into the theme of the home, ‘Layers of Life’.
an art deco bookcase with books and vases on it
a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves next to a table in front of a book case
a vase with flowers and reeds on top of a shelf next to a bookshelf
a bedroom with white walls and wooden flooring, shelving units on the wall
the side table is shown with measurements for it
Мебель | АлиЭкспресс
a white cabinet with a circular design on it
a vase with some flowers in it on a table next to bookshelves and shelves
a black book shelf with books and vases on the shelves next to each other
Toorak Town Residence - Gilmore Architecture & Interiors
a chair sitting in front of a window next to a book shelf
four different views of the inside of a room with glass partitions and metal doors
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an entertainment center with black marble and wooden shelvings, built into the wall
3d models - download
a modern fireplace in the middle of a room with bookshelves on either side
3d models - download
a living room filled with furniture and bookshelves next to a wall mounted shelf
the shelves are filled with vases, books and other decorative items in black and brown
Wooden Chairs Project Gallery
the room is decorated in wood and has bookshelves on each side, along with shelves
Другая Мебель
a shelf with books, vases and other items on it
Haute Apartment details
a bunch of different types of doors on a gray background, all in various sizes and shapes
two vases are sitting on top of a dresser in front of an art piece
Inside a Cool Curated Loft That Exudes French Girl Style
It's clear that art plays an important role in the design of both apartments. Smith teamed up with online boutique gallery Uprise Art to handpick artworks for each room that add a jolt of...
a bathroom vanity with two sinks and a stool in front of the mirror, on a checkered tile floor
Academy collection of Luxury Bathroom italian design furniture by Oasis
Best BATHROOM INTERIOR Design for inspiration | Лучшие ИНТЕРЬЕРЫ ВАННЫХ комнат для вдохновения ▪ ideas organization of large and small bathrooms, showers, toilets, decor, design, details, luxury ▪ большие и маленькие ванные комнаты, душевые, туалеты, идеи организации, детали оформления, декор, дизайн ▪ Oasis