Ayça Köycekaş

Ayça Köycekaş

Ayça Köycekaş
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Cute Mother's Day gift from kiddos with small hands and feet! I used a permanent marker for the black text, and red washable paint; surprisingly the washable paint worked out well on the canvas and dried normally/stayed the same color!

Life is about the moments that matter, those exchanges — big and small — between the people we love and the family, friends and colleagues who we count on to remind us who we are.

http://hostingecologico.com/url/fathersday2016 ---- I Love You Card - Mothers Day Gifts from Kids

This is the most ADORABLE "I-LOVE-YOU" card that came home from school today! It folded up, accordian-style, laminated, and the front said "Happy Valentine's Day". Such a great idea for Valentine's next year!

Mouth Envelopes

Ideas Original to decorate your table this season What an artistic, creative, funny way to decorate an envelope for a birthday card or special letter! Ideas Original to decorate your table this season