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Message For Twin Flames ~ Trust Your Inner Knowing

By Sophie Gregoire, 12/02/2016 There is an important misunderstanding for Twin Flames. We're often told to move on, let go or cut off --- but this is impossible. That’s a battle that none of us has to fight or win. Instead, I’ve learnt that what Twins “should” do is to find the “right” place that they let their counterpart occupy in their heart – it’s not and will never be about trying to erase them from there or “forget”. The right battle is to move at your own pace towards this space...

There's Always One

There's Always One ~ by Lucia Stewart

Acrylic giraffe painting by Kare King, fun lesson idea for wine and canvas or kids diy painting class

A personal favorite from my Etsy shop https://www.etsy.com/listing/262527300/sun-moon-canvas-painting

Acrylic Painting on Canvas by Lisa Fontaine. Ostrich. Animal.:

My first canvas painting. Follow my art instagram.com/thigpenart #canvas…

daisy chain drawing - Google Search