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ayşegül akyol

ayşegül akyol
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SALE 25% OFF Mixed Media Boho Necklace Brown Pink by BlueBirdLab

Dark Pink Necklace - made of brown and soft pink wooden beads, 12 pale natural sun gemstone beads, 10 metal beads (colour - antique gold ).

Mixed Media Boho Necklace/ Black Gold Grey Necklace by BlueBirdLab

While there may be a variety of reasons to invest in black gold jewelry, many individuals choose this type of gold for its unique characteristics. Since white, rose and yellow gold rings have become so common over the years, a black gold ring is a real.

Inspo for simple one strand color combo beaded necklace.

Buy handcrafted necklaces in a variety of styles and stones from Sundance Catalog. Select from many unique necklace designs created by talented jewelry artisans.

Cythera  gemstone seed bead necklace  bracelet wrap von FlotsamTide

Cythera gemstone seed bead necklace bracelet wrap von FlotsamTide

Red & Gold Holiday Necklace: Holiday Inspired Long Red Glass, Bronze and Gold Charm Necklace

Kelly Conedera with Jewelry with Soul ties her multiple strand necklace together with trade beads, Indonesian bronze glass and Hill Tribe Silver from Thailand to create an ethnic look that is so on trend.

Love this

Seed Beads and Metal Wafers. The heavier metal beads help the necklace stay centered - I'll probably end up making them in every color with silver and gold XD