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DIY. Spray paint pine cones different colors and put in cute glass vase. Makes for simple decor

Try It Today: DIY, 3D Art Ideas for Bold, Textured Walls! A bold rainbow-hued DIY 3D Geometric Paper Sculpture (or a subdued one, as in the one pictured via KNOT Magazine) spotted on MAKE:'s YouTube channel.

papier fragile gems, add glitter or metallic spray paint!

neat way to make paper Christmas Trees! with step by step picture instructions.

state string art roundup - tons of ideas on buying and making your own

een origami waxinelichthouder vouwen | http://www.woonschrift.nl/een-origami-waxinelichthouder-vouwen/

Crystallized Christmas Trees - wow! These are so fun! More holiday crafts: http://www.bhg.com/christmas/crafts/christmas-holiday-crafts/

How to make a fun and easy Christmas tree

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