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Ayşegül İnsel
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Eski Kotları Değerlendirme 8

There are many ways to reuse old jeans . I like this jeans handbag too ! With the same technology , you can make a stylish vest. You will need: - old jeans; - needle and thread (sewing machine). Directions: Cut several long and even strips.

Lacy Cross Granny Square

Ok, it’s no longer Sunday, in fact it’s Tuesday ~ ooops! Please meet Lacy Cross, number 8 in the Miscellaneous Granny Square Collection. This was one of the trial granny squares for my …

Lavender sachets  crochet motif  set of 2 by namolio on Etsy, $18.00

These unique lavender sachets are sewn from linen with a crocheted motif. Sachets contain high quality lavender imported from France (approx.

Lavendel Beutelhäkeln Motiv2er set von namolio auf Etsy

Lavender sachets -- crochet motif -- set of 2