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Ayşe Nergis Arslan

Ayşe Nergis Arslan
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Kintsugi: Saving Broken Ceramics With Gold on Pinterest | Kintsugi ...

kintsukoroi(n) (v. the art of of repairing with gold or silver lacquer and understanding that the piece is more beautiful for having been broken.

▶ Craft: The art of Kintsugi

Presenters go back and forth between Dutch? and English but it's pretty much self explanatory.▶ Craft: The art of Kintsugi

金継ぎの途中。漆の接着面が美しすぎてうっとりしてしまう。。。 水中を漂う謎の生物のよう。。  金継ぎ師 monotsugi.com

金継ぎの途中。漆の接着面が美しすぎてうっとりしてしまう。。。 水中を漂う謎の生物のよう。。 金継ぎ師 monotsugi.com

Mishima Chawan Bowl Kintsugi Yobitsugi style repair

Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi, a traditional wabi-sabi Japanese ceramic art repair using gold effect joints as an alternative to masking broken ceramic, instruction and where to buy

I Thought It Was An Ordinary Plate, Then I Noticed THIS On The Rim...

Joining two completely different half plates together.a powerful idea.