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a line drawing of a vase with one hand reaching for the other, on a white background
Abajur kalıp
the letter b is for gloves coloring page
four different colored circles with faces and eyes on them, one has a ladybug
Emoce - poloviny
there are three glass bottles with sand in them and a sign that says, duygulami aktardraum
okul öncesi duygularım çalışması
four different colored boxes with faces and eyes in the same box, one has an open mouth
a cube with faces painted on it sitting on the floor
Okul öncesi etkinlikleri
children's drawings are displayed on the table in front of paper cutouts that look like cartoon characters
Duygular; Mutlu, Mutsuz, Üzgün, Sinirli. Okul Öncesi Sanat Etkinlikleri