Aygul Ozturk
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Un panier tissé fabriqué avec un livre recyclé. Ce panier fabriqué avec un livre recyclé est créé avec le pliage et le raccordement de petits morceaux de papier.

A paper basket made from a recycled book. Small pieces of paper are folded and woven together to make this paper basket.

Gum Wrapper Chain--I remember making these out of Juicy Fruit wrappers when I was a little girl.  I never thought of just using paper to make it!

Learn to make this classic bubble gum wrapper paper chain. Included: variation which uses a quarter as much paper and half as many folds.

how to make those gum wrapper chains

As your Halloween candy pile has dwindles into a pile of wrappers, we have a great upcycling project to satisfy your crafty cravings.