Origamiecken bei Taschen- das geht so einfach! Am schönsten wird das aus etwas steiferen Materialien wie Leder oder Filz.

Origami corners of handkerchief that's so easy! The best is the slightly stiffer materials such as leather or felt.

İki oğlu bir gelini olan elişi sevdalısı biriyim SATIŞ YAPMIYORUM ❤

Discover thousands of images about Ravelry: luluknitty's Embroidered Baby Sweater

Patrones de Crochet

Jersey flower - wouldn't this work with finger knitting too? (yes, knitting, not crochet, I know.

template purse bag... lots of templates on that site..

Make a Fun Paper Gift Bag With This Free Printable Template

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Make Easter Basket with Flower Petals Paper Folding Craft

Make Easter Basket with Flower Petals Paper Folding Craft. I'd like to make it out of cereal box cardboard, and paint it!

Victorian Fun-Fur. Count three more holes from the outer layer, and then put a pair of sticks over the next two threads. Work the next unit, exactly like the first.  Continue working further units in the same way. When you have enough units, take a sharp pair of scissors and cut all the yarn between the sticks, like cutting a pom-pom. Lift out the sticks. Fluff up the pile, and there you have your Victorian fun-fur stitch.

Victorian Fun-Fur

textural rug making textile art technique Victorian Fun-Fur - herringboning ***possibly try this with thinner yarn over toothpicks for miniature version***