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inflammation of the small arteries causing diminished blood. Cortisone has increased drastically the survival rate of this population.

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Asthma Symptoms: The REAL Cause of Asthma Your Doctor Isn't Telling You See how to treat the root causes of asthma instead of just dealing with the symptoms. The actual triggers will shock you.

I'm pretending to be studying for my renal exam tomorrow by pinning things about the renal system

Renal colic is the medical saying used to refer to the agony you feel should you have kidney stones. In addition, it is also just about the most potent pain ever known.


Look out for the mindmap logo on our notes pages or choose from a topic below: Cardiovascular Respiratory Aortic Aneurysm Asthma Heart Failure COPD Hypertension Lung Cancer Myocardial Infarction TB Endocrinology Gastroenterology Adrenal Disorders.