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four crocheted coasters with red and white flowers on them, one has a flower center
four christmas ornaments made out of bead and crochet are displayed on a table
four crocheted coasters are laying on the ground in front of some green grass
four different pictures of the same ornament made out of crocheted material
some white and yellow items sitting on top of a lace covered table cloth with flowers
three coasters with red roses on them sitting on a wooden table next to scissors
Herkesin Çok İlgi Gösterdiği En Şahane Tasarım Lif Örgü Modelleri
crocheted doily with pink and white flowers on a polka dot tablecloth
three crocheted flowers with red and white centers on a wooden table next to each other
six blue and white doily with roses on them sitting on a counter top next to a book
crocheted snowflakes and balls of yarn on a table
three pink and green embroidered ornaments on a white tablecloth with a heart shaped keychain
two crocheted doily designs with blue and green flowers
several crocheted items are arranged on a table top, including purple and white flowers