An embroidered satin kimono, Japanese for the European market, circa of ivory silk, with raised embroidered pastel toned blossom and roses, pink silk fringing to the wide sleeves

Embroidery It: Christmas Machine Embroidery Free Standing Lace

Happy New Year& Eve Friends! Remember my Christmas gift ? The OESD Cd& Well here is what I have been busy with.

Advanced Embroidery Designs - FSL Battenberg  Lace Ornament

Actually a link to a machined lace ornament, this concept would be easy to replicate using 'real' bobbin lace tree patterns such as are already here. just make sure the edges touch in two or three places.

Advanced Embroidery Designs - FSL Battenberg Lace Pagoda Ornament

LOVE this little Battenberg lace pagoda - what a great idea - Brings up all sorts of ideas and inspiration!


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