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Sinead O’Connor by Andrew Catlin / 1988

Sinead O’Connor AKA a girl who totally rocks the shaved head! If I looked like her or could pull it off just as good and had the guts, I'd shave my head, too!

Have you ever thought about saying #5 to the kids? It might help! http://thestir.cafemom.com/big_kid/162880/18_best_comebacks_for_when?utm_medium=sm&utm_source=pinterest&utm_content=thestir

18 Ways to Answer when a kid says I Hate You - Not sure I agree with all of them (saying them anyway),but most of these seem pretty good. "You don't hate me, you don't like what I am telling you. There is a big difference.


the only guy you need in your life is the one that proves that he needs you in his and I have done this Theresa I need you in my life because I love you with all my heart xoxoxoxoxoxo


So true. Awkward when your on a date and the boy treats you nice, but then talks bad about the waiter/waitress or the people at the table next to you. Not to mention I actually am that server sometimes!

Very true

Dear Fabiana, You are literally the best thing that has ever happened to all of us. I can't picture life without being here with us .we hope you come back bc we miss you so so so so so much. We hope you come soon bc here is where you belong with us.