İki parçayı birleştirme tekniği

Ukraine, from Iryna ~ fancy twisted interlocking stitchwork to join two pieces of fabric. Picture is big enough that I can see where the needle goes and how the thread wraps around in this embroidery technique. Try this to put together knitted or crochete

Mags Kandis - Mona's Jacket

Mona's Jacket pattern by Mags Kandis

Jeito de Casa: Do tempo do bordado a mão...                                                                                                                                                      Mais

Do tempo do bordado a mão...

Hello people, its a fabulously sunny day here in the Uk.and here& my latest creation I have so many works in progress.

RESERVEDVintage Bucilla Needlepoint by TheLittleThingsVin on Etsy

RESERVEDVintage Bucilla kanivicakanivicaNeedlepoint by TheLittleThingsVin on Etsy

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Harika |

Harika |

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