simit & Maiden Tower ... Istanbul Turkey

A splash of colour - Turkish simit bread in front of the Maiden tower of Istanbul

Istanbul's cats

* * CAT ON RIGHT: " Yoo walks in fronts of de tourists ands trips em; me wills grab de wallets ands weez split. Ands wakes up! Weez gotta do dis!

istanbul 1959 / ara güler, Your voice will make a difference, UK are experts on how to fuck the world royally, don't allow this, go green 4 all what you do,

Karaköy, 1959 :: Ara Güler (born August 1928 in Beyoğlu, Istanbul, Turkey) is a Turkish photojournalist of Armenian descent, nicknamed "the Eye of Istanbul" or "the Photographer of Istanbul".istanbul is love

İstanbul, Kız Kulesi ve martılar...

A beautiful picture of seabirds in front of the Kız Kulesi (Virgin tower) in…

Üsküdar (1930'lar).

Istanbul Art Events on

Üsküdar (1930'lar).

Kiz kulesi, Istanbul #Travel #Tours #Holidays

Turkey 2 Nights Transit Holidays in Istanbul to Visit the Blue Mosque, Byzantine Hippodrome, St. Sophia & Istanbul Bazaar Travel to Istanbul.

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