Beautiful hand embroidery. Amazing what you can do with simple stitches. Would love to know the source of this.

Broderie doodle

I realized when I saw this that the buttonhole and blanket stitch are probable in my top 5 favorite embroidery stitches ad they are so simple but just look at this!

طرز الرباطي

Great for embroidering a tea towel or giving a border to a pillowcase or the edge of a scarf for for a book mark


Silk on Silk, Satin Stitch – Complete Stole

Only satin stitch and stem stitch were used for this beautiful silk clerical stole


A ‘çevre’ (square kerchief; a decorative accessory, for the interior).

1782379_728255177227386_8801663202427830190_o.jpg (1365×2048)

1782379_728255177227386_8801663202427830190_o.jpg (1365×2048)