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love the skirt and shoes

I love how these women look in these short skirts but seeing as how I dont wear heels and have slightly knock knees. Keri Long or short circle skirt?Floral A-line skirt & purple blouse & strappy nude heels

Kahküllü ve at kuyruğu modelleri saçları her ortamda tercih edebilirsiniz. Değişik tarzdaki bu saç modeli oldukça hoş görünüyor.

Princess Jasmine Braid: Just tie your hair in a low ponytail, add rubberbands inches below one another. Tug at each section to make more of a "bubble". The longer your hair, the better your bubble braid will turn out!

Rihanna Saç Modelleri

As expected, Rihanna's looked all sorts of fabulous at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Her raven tresses were styled for glossy Marcel waves with smooth sweeping swirls.