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The Ant and the Grasshopper is a fable that teaches kids the value of hard work. Kids will focus on comprehension and predictions in this worksheet.

Second grade worksheets get your seven- or eight-year-old to build academic and behavioral skills that help him succeed in school. Try second grade worksheets.

First Conditional Worksheets

The unreal and real conditionals (sometimes referred to as first and second conditionals) are an important part of academic language: the conditional is the way we speak about possibilities

Addition or Subtraction cups! Such an EASY and FUN math center!!

Math - Addition Cups made from foam sheets and craft sticks. It makes a fun math game. **Could do something similar with place value for high grades!

Parts of the House in English (with vocabulary games).

We have created some new English vocabulary games about different parts of the house and what you can often find in each room or place. But before you try these game, I recommend looking through ou…