Bear for girls

Cojín bailarina osito de Maybe use velcro to add different skirts

Irish crochet

Today I have an amazing crochet irish blouse for you. And schemes of this crochet blouse I still have not done anything of Irish crochet, I was starting to make some models of this technique but I

Towels - could be a DIY

Neat gift idea - spruce up plain towels by adding edgings and crochet motifs! ― Галерея художественных работ― ― галерея работ, вышивка шёлковыми ленточками, образцы и примеры

The Guelder Rose Fairies from Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies, embroidered by Marina Zherdeva from Moscow Russia

Irish crochet

Love this pix. It shows on a VERY large scale how all the lovely Irish motifs are joined. Makes you do a double take when you are looking at all if the teeny, tiny motifs found on vintage Irish crochet dresses/gowns/wedding dresses.

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