Take taco night to the next level with these Baked Bell Pepper Tacos! (vegetarian, paleo, and vegan versions available)

Baked Bell Pepper Tacos 28 mins to make serves 4 - Ingredients Produce 1 Avocado fresh 4 Bell peppers large 1 Cilantro fresh 1 Cilantro and lime 1 Jalapenos cup Lettuce 1 Lime wedges cup Tomato 1 Veggies fresh or leftover roasted Refrigerated 1 cup cu

Patates püresinden biraz uzaklaşarak aynı malzemelerle harika bir lezzet daha…

This scalloped potatoes recipe is creamy, cheesy, and irresistibly delicious. Yet it's made lighter with a few simple tweaks!

Garlic Rubbed Roasted Cabbage Steaks Recipe - Best Food Cloud

Garlic-rubbed roasted cabbage steaks: This is a simple side dish worthy of a dinner party and couldn’t be easier to make. Four ingredients, a couple of minutes to prepare and toss in the oven for an hour. This simple side dish is paleo, vegan, gluten free